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Listing Fundamentals

Pre-Sale Home Inspection - In many cases Buyers will attempt to renegotiate the sale price as a result of findings after their home inspection.  This can cost the Seller thousands of dollars and days off market when other Buyers could be viewing the property and submitting their own offers.  As a preemptive measure, performing a pre-sale home inspection will identify issues that can either be addressed prior to listing or will be disclosed prior to acceptance of an Offer.  This relatively small expense can save thousands of dollars and weeks of market time.  Industry research shows that the highest and best offers are made during the first 14 days on market, this is when the Seller has the upper hand during negotiations.

Marketing - If a listing is properly marketed it is virtually impossible to 'under sell' a home.  Serious Buyers are constantly monitoring the market and are searching for value.  They are well educated and will recognize a property that is overpriced or underpriced and act accordingly, there is no fooling them!

Accurate Pricing - Pricing a home realistically has many advantages.  Less inconvenience for the Seller’s family, fewer showings and Open Houses.  No need to keep the home clean and spotless, you can return to a normal comfortable lifestyle.  Perhaps more importantly, a Seller is able to move on with plans to identify and purchase their next home which helps to minimize stress and uncertainty.  In today’s market, a home that is priced accurately allows the Seller to negotiate UP with multiple Buyers.  A home that is overpriced results in the Seller negotiating DOWN with one Buyer………which option makes more sense for you?

Multiple Offers - A competitive atmosphere forces buyers to cater to the wants and desires of the Seller, who is in the driver’s seat.   Although the sale price many times gets driven up over the list price, it is not the only driving force, terms and conditions are also a consideration, such as the following:

Waiving of Contingencies - Buyers may strengthen terms by waiving home inspections or mortgage contingency, lead paint inspections [if the home is built prior to 1978] or even appraisal contingencies.

Strength of Financial Profile - The Seller is able to choose the Buyer with the highest credit scores, has the best debt to income ratios and puts down the largest deposit.  Basically, the Seller is in control and is able to dictate terms and conditions to fit their own particular needs. 

Non Contingent Offers - As a Seller who agrees to a Contingent Offer, imagine the frustration of taking your property off the market for weeks and losing substantial market time.  Then having to put it back on the market if the Buyers cannot obtain financing.  No Seller wants to deal with that uncertainty.